Apart from regular local classes in several cities, Samskrita Bharati also organizes several events throughout the year. 

Residential Camps

Residential camps are held annually all over the United States, in the West Coast, Midwest, North east and Southern states. The aim of the residential camps is for students to learn the language fully immersed in Samskritam without the daily distractions.

Samskrita Bharati organizes camps separately for children, youth and for families too. 

Competitions (Shloka Spardha)

Shloka spardhA events are held in various participating centers annually.  Read more 


Samskrita Bharati's Spoken Samskritam workshops have been very popular both in United States of America and Canada. Many workshops are held over a weekend. Given the busy life, just sparing one weekend for the study of Samskritam has changed the lives of many towards pursuing a larger goal of speaking Samskritam fluently.  Read more 

Special Events

Every year, local Samskrita Bharati chapters celebrates several festivals by organizing Samskritam related events. The Shravana Purnima day is observed as the "Vishva Samskritam Dinam" and several cultural programs are held in various cities. Watch this space for exciting events for the year 2013.

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