Samskrita Bharati conducts a variety of classes, camps and other activities in order to promote spoken Samskritam among children, youth and family.

In our residential camps attendees will get to stay in beautiful natural setting similar to the ancient 'Gurukulam', learn and speak Samskritam without the daily distractions. Such camps have proved to be very successful in not just learning the language, but also imbibing the cultural values and also re-energize oneself. More importantly, one gets to network and form friendship with others with similar interests.

Family residential camps are held annually in California (Kaveri), North West (Vitasta), Chicago/Milwaukee area (Gangotri), Jahnavi (New Jersey) and Yamunotrii (Texas).
Youth residential camps are part of the three year 'Samskritam as a Foreign language' program and is held in East coast (Shraddha) and West coast (Prajnaa).
And specially for children ages 8 to 12, we conduct day camps called as 'Camp Panini' in various locations across the country.

For more information regarding these camps, see our event calendar.

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