NOTE : Due to issues related to non-recognition of courses offered by KSOU by UGC, we are NOT taking new admissions at this time.  Also, we do not know when these will get resolved and if we ever be allowed to admit new students


Welcome to the Masters Program in Samskritam. This is a two year program offered by Samskrita Bharati, USA (SBUSA) in collaboration with Karnataka State Open University, Mysore, India (KSOU). This may be completed over the course of four years.

Printed KSOU course material will be provided. The medium of instruction in the printed material is English, following Samskritam text. SBUSA will provide audio lessons. SBUSA will also lead study-group sessions. These will be in the Samskrita medium.

The exams will be conducted in US, following the KSOU guidelines. The exam papers will be corrected by KSOU.

There are five papers per year, in all, 10 papers.

Masters in Samskritam, Prospectus (Draft)- year of admission - 2014-15 

Dates and Fees

Academic year – 2014 – 2015

Admission for academic year 2014 - 2015 commenced mid September, 2014. Applications will be accepted through the end of October, with possible later extension.

Fees for Previous (I) Year

Admission fees for the first year


Study material fees


Shipping charges for sending study material




Fees for Final (II) Year

Admission fees for the second year


Study material fees


Shipping charges for sending study material





Last date for the submission of the internal (hand written) assignments is expected to be March 15th, 2015.

Registration for Examinations - OPEN (Exams June 18th to June 22nd)

Application Forms

Admission (for Academic Year 2014-2015)

Admission is open to:
a. Graduates of any university who have passed at least the Sahitya Examination conducted by Board of Sanskrit Education, Govt. of Karnataka, Bangalore, or, any other examination considered equivalent thereto such as ‘Kovida’ of Samskrita Bharati.

Minimum age - 21

For other eligibility details, please check the prospectus.

Year I Application Form (2014 - 15) - NEW

Year II Application Form (2014 - 15) - NEW


Examination -  MA Exam Registration

Syllabus Summary

MA Previous (I Year)

  • Course I – Classical Sanskrit Literature – Poetry, Prose (Texts), and Translation
  • Course II – Classical Sanskrit Literature – Drama and History of Classical Sanskrit Literature
  • Course III - Tarka and Vyakarana
  • Course IV - Bharatiya Tattvashastra
  • Course V - Alankara I

MA Final (II Year)

  • Course VI - Vedic Hymns, Upanishad, Gita (Texts) and History of Vedic Literature
  • Course VII - Arthashastra, Smriti, Epic (Texts) and Essay
  • Course VIII - Vyakarana (Texts) and Linguistics
  • Course IX - Special Alankara II - Text and General
  • Course X – Alankara III

Study Materials

KSOU Supplied Study Material

These will be mailed to the candidate once enrolled to the course.

Study Centre provided Support Material

Links and other resources will be provided to the candidate once enrolled.


Assignments are required to be completed and submitted (for a given academic year) the same year as the admission. The questions are part of the material received from KSOU. The new assignment policy (starting academic year 2013-14) for the newly admitted first year students (and starting academic year 2014-15 for II year students of the 2013-14 I year batch) is the submission of answers for 2 out of 3 questions for every subject. This year, the assignments carry 20 marks per subject, 100 marks in all.

Assignments have to be completed and received (at the address provided) by a specific date in March. (March 15, 2015)

Examination center

Santa Clara, CA (exact venue to be conveyed to registrants)

Contact Program

Classes are generally held over the phone.


If you have any questions, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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